Vertigo Video Productions are on the look out for actors and models based in Thailand and surrounding SE Asian countries.

We pride ourselves on knowing and understanding all of our Vertigo Talent and are proud of our talented crew of dancers, models, performers and actors. Strong relationships with our clients is very important to us, so no-one feels like they are a 'number'. We meet all prospective members before inducting them into the Talent pool.

We ask that all of our actors, models and dancers register with Vertigo Talent, the main medium for casting opportunities.  Vertigo Talent requires a profile photo along with a brief description of your appearance, personality and skills. Confidence, personality and ambition to succeed in this exciting industry will be required.

Our books are currently open and we are looking for exciting and fresh talent today. Remember - we need people from all walks of life...big and small, tall and short, Asian and foreign...we need you all as each production can be so vastly different.  

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Register TODAY

Send us your headshot, body measurements (height, weight, hair/eye colour), nationality and your experience in acting or modelling. We will be in touch straight away. Good luck!

We look forward to working with you!

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Having had two videos made at the same time, one with Vertigo and one with another company, there is little more we can say apart from Vertigo is head and shoulders above alternatives. Not just in turnaround time but in a flawless final product.
— Christine Jeremiah, Real Estate Brokerage