Our creative staff have roots in broadcast television and corporate production in both Thailand and the UK. Producing work for a wide range of industries, the Vertigo team are here to help make your business come alive in a creative and dynamic way.


Our Mission

Based in Bangkok and Phuket, we are a group of creative individuals who are guaranteed to deliver unique, engaging video productions for your company needs.

What makes us special is the broad range of backgrounds that help deliver our videos to clients. The combination of creative video production and business backgrounds places us in an ideal situation to deliver our services effectively to businesses of all industries.

A well-made video can be an effective way to welcome people to your website and help them navigate their way around, whilst also helping to raise your Google profile and attract more visitors to your site. We believe that video is not only the present but, critically, the future too. A well constructed video allows your customers true insight into your world, opens the door and offers transparency and trust - all within a couple of minutes viewing.  

Our core business is providing these video production services to national and international businesses of any size, from multinationals to sole traders and new startups. Whatever a client’s budget, we can make it possible for anyone to promote themselves, their services and their products with a polished, highly effective video production.

Still not convinced?

In our fast-paced daily life, we use our smartphone and tablets as a one-stop source of information and content. This has fuelled the popularity of video marketing — it’s visually stimulating content with great graphics and motivating music, perfect for capturing attention in a busy world. And with social media platforms now a staple of everyone's daily life, video content brings people closer, engages them more effectively and allows you to present your business in a more powerful way then any other medium.

What We provide

  • Video Producers

  • Video Directors

  • Camera Crews

  • Video Editors

  • Sound Recordists

  • Photographers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Consultants

The rise of video

A survey on video marketing trends by Flimp Media discovered: 

  • 93% of marketing professionals used online video in 2013 for marketing and communications

  • 70% are optimising video for SEO

  • 82% said that video marketing has had a positive impact on their business.

How can video help ME?

  • Increase your sales

  • Improve your online engagement

  • Communicate your message

  • Raise your brand awareness

  • Deliver more visitors to your website

  • Searchable on Google & YouTube

  • It's shared more than any other source of online content

  • Video appeals to mobile users on the go

It was an absolute pleasure working with Vertigo Video Productions. James and his team were extremely professional, pleasant and accommodating. In addition they were very conscientious about the quality of their work at all times. Our photo/video shoot was carried out in a structured punctual manner as not once were we ever waiting around. Vertigo Video Productions commitment to excellence is very impressive and I thoroughly recommend anyone requiring Media services in Phuket, or Bangkok, to look no further than this friendly organisation. You will not be dissapointed. Vertigo Video Productions is the best.
— Mark Grant